2025 4th International Conference on Algorithms, Microchips and Network Applications
Call For Papers
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The topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:


· Mathematical and Computer Modelling

· High-Performance Computing

· Data Structures

· Advanced Numerical Algorithms

· Randomized Algorithms

· Approximation Algorithms

· Combinatorial Optimization

· Quantum Computing

· Parallel and Distributed Algorithms

· Graph Drawing and Graph Algorithms

· Deep Learning Algorithms

· Algorithms and Systems for Big Data Search

· Other related topics


· Electrical machinesElectrical materials Electromagnetics

· High voltage techniques microwave

· Power electronics and applications antennas

· Electronics instrumentation

· Circuits and systems Manufacture 

· Operation of electrical and electronic systems

· Emerging Technologies

· Software Engineering

· Photonic Technologies

· Parallel and Distributed Computing

· Telecommunication Services and Applications

· Wireless Networking

· Optical Communications

· Multimedia Communications

· Innovative Networking Technologies

· Design of Microchips

· Application of Microchips

Network Applications

· Architecture and Systems Design for IoT

· IoT Applications and Services

· Machine to Machine (M2M) Protocols

· Crowd-Sourcing and Opportunistic IoT

· Innovative Algorithms and Data Analysis Techniques for IoTs

· Fundamentals of Cloud Computing

· Cloud Architectures & Cloud Storage Technologies

· Cloud Energy Efficiency

· Mobile & Social cloud

· Big Data Theory, Applications and Challenges

· Big Data Placement, Scheduling, and Optimization

· Big Data Design, Models and Algorithms

· Big Data Protection and Integrity

· Network Security

· Network Performance